Classical Greek Dance Association - Movement, Creativity & Expression

1st -5th August
Our Summer School takes place in Wellingborough, Northants in the purpose built studios of the Kilburn School of Dance, by kind permission of Amanda Wilkins.

The Kilburn premises are an ISTD Approved Dance Centre and as such we can offer training in the full range of teaching qualifications available to Classical Greek Dance teachers.The unique structure of the Classical Greek syllabus means we can tailor our course to meet the needs of delegates resulting in a quality learning experience.

The course is delivered by Kay Ball and Carol Vasko, who between them have many years of experience in preparing candidates for Vocational and Teaching qualifications. Throughout the week we are joined by the faculty pianist, Roz Jennings, who brings not only many years of experience in playing for Classical Greek, but also extensive experience in the preparation of qualifying teachers in all things musical.

Our course is open to anyone with an interest in Classical Greek Dance - and we do mean anyone. We do not demand that you be a member of the ISTD, or that you have had any experience of Classical Greek. Obviously, it is important that delegates have a dance background in order that they can get the most out of the course.

The nature of our teaching examinations and our syllabus in general mean that our courses will be of interest to anyone wishing to study our work in more depth – and not necessarily from a teaching point of view. Potential delegates should not be concerned if they have no prior knowledge of Classical Greek Dance – the course is a perfect place to start!

We usually hold an examination session at the end of the course. You will need to get in touch early if you wish to be included in a session – and be aware that sometimes we will insist that candidates complete our Course of Study before we will agree to enter.
Delegates need to be 18yrs or older. From time to time we do open the course to students aged 16-18yrs. However, such students will need to be chaperoned as we can take no responsibility for their welfare outside of class.

Daily guests are most welcome. Obviously it is difficult to too precise about timetables until the month before the course, but the enclosed timetable will give you some idea of the general shape of the course. The earlier you get in touch with us and let us know of your requests, the more likely it will be that we can meet your requirements.

If you are remotely interested in learning more about Classical Greek Dance, we urge you to get in touch with us and encourage you to attend our Summer Course. You can be assured of a very warm welcome!